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At Journey Kids, our focus is to teach children from birth through 5th grade to understand God and build a growing relationship in a FUN, SAFE & CLEAN environment. Our lessons bring Bible stories to life emphasizing a true relationship with Christ!
Boredom, not a word understood in our room! Each Sunday, the Journey Kids room is transformed to match the current theme. The lesson is packed full of activities, object lessons, and fun games. A relationship with Christ is NEVER boring!
Journey Kids offers classes for ages birth-5th grade every Sunday at 10:00am:

  • Journey Nursery & Tots  (Birth – 4 years)

Our Nursery Program offers a separate space for our little ones. From Birth to 4-year-olds, we have a room specifically designed for your child’s age and stage of development and learning. As they get older, they learn lessons from the Bible. Kids love it! It's engaging for their stage of learning and easy for parents to partner with. Each week includes fun playtime, a short interactive BIble story video, worship time, and a special craft or activity!

  • Journey Kids (5 years – 4th Grade)

Journey Kids meets in a high-energy, dedicated kids environment. As your kids enter, they'll have a chance to express their creativity with art or battle for the win in our game area. We use Orange curriculum for our school-aged kids. The lessons are creative, video-enhanced, and small group supported. 


We're here to partner with YOU!  So, every week we'll send your kid off with a Parent Cue Card that supports the lesson learned through discussion starters, prayer time, and fun games for the whole family. 

  • Foundations of Faith (5th Grade)

This class is geared just for our 5th grade students! Our 5th graders are invited to join their parents in the main sanctuary for worship and then we will dismiss them to the upper loft in the foyer area. Our pastoral team will take turns teaching this class during the remainder of service each week as we dive into the foundations of our Christian faith-what we believe, why we believe it and how we can build a strong foundation in Christ! 


Your children matter! We know that dropping your child at a new place can be overwhelming and that’s why we’ve taken extra caution when it comes to your child’s safety. It all begins at check-in, where trained volunteers assist you in checking your child in. You will receive two tags; a name tag for your child with security code, and a claim tag for you with the matching security code. Only an adult with this matching claim tag will be able to check your child out.

Teaching Kids today to be Leaders of the Church Tomorrow.
You can stay connected to upcoming events right here or you can "Like" us on Facebook. For more information about Journey Kids you can email us!

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